Two Girls, Red and Green Background

The characteristic bold colors of Matisse have a cooler hue giving the painting a heavier, almost melancholic, tone. This tone is especially noticeable in the expression of his two female figures. Matisse had moved to Vence four years prior to this work in order to escape the threat of wartime bombardment in Nice. These colors are filled with sweeping gestures of the artist’s brush and are barely contained by their black outlines characteristic of this later stage of Matisse’s work. This bold and gestural style is seen in a number of small canvases Matisse made in Vence in ‘his last, glorious outburst of painting.’(Minneapolis Museum of Art)

Original Medium: oil on canvas

Original Size: 22 1/8 x 18 1/4 in.

Date: 1947

Location: Baltimore Museum of Art