Still Life, Bouquet of Dahlias & White Book

This still-life recalls Matisse’s earliest paintings but enlivened by his distinct coloration and bold style.  The large patches of color and thick black outlines contradict ‘the traditional concepts of foreground and background,’ giving the painting a flat appearance. The floral drapery of the background merges with the bright red bursts of the dahlias. This lively bouquet is part of a still-life Matisse has presented on the table top. This still-life composition also includes a glass of water, two peaches, and a silver plate all of which are elements of traditional still life painting.Expressive swaths of color fill the canvas and give the work a vibrancy that seemingly contradicts the simple and quiet subject matter.(Minneapolis Museum of Art)

Original Medium: oil on canvas

Original Size: 21 3/8 x 25 1/2 in.

Date: 1923

Location: Baltimore Museum of Art