Jazz, 1947

This illustrated book captured Matisse’s transition from painting to cut outs after surgery in the early 1940s. This publication contains ‘a set of 20 vivid colour stencils and over 70 pages of Matisse’s calligraphic writing.’ The writing and illustration are ‘subtly and consciously related’ and relate to themes such as; the circus, mythology, and travel. Matisse’s calligraphic writing gives the impression of spontaneity, however records show that these were written over five times before Matisse was satisfied with the size and manner of the lettering.  These pages of text  allow for a break from the vivid plates of Matisse’s cut outs.

Original Medium: stencil print (after the collages and cut-outs)

Original Size: 42.5 x 65 cm

Date: 1947

Location: The Israel Museum, Jersusalem