Buste de femme avec bracelets et collier (Bust-length Woman with Bracelets and Necklace)

Matisse was masterfully able to describe the body of a woman in a few dynamic lines. Her eyes are unnerving and framed by two very thick, square eyebrows. Her jewelry is formed from various circles. The different sizes create a glimmering effect on the paper’s surface. They way the lines twist and curve around the model’s form shows the freedom of Matisse’s hand. Etching was an incredibly forgiving printing technique. The artist covered a metal plate in an acid-resistant ground and then would sketch his design into it using an etching needle. When the design was complete the artist submerged the whole plate into an acid solution which bites any surface not covered in ground. Many artists preferred this printing technique because of its similarity to drawing as opposed to the manual labor needed to engrave.

Original Medium: etching on chine collé

Original Size: platemark: 3 5/8 x 4 3/4 in.

Date: 1925

Location: Yale University Art Gallery